Welcome to my creative world! I'm Erandi, a passionate graphic and fashion designer who finds inspiration in the beauty of art and the wonders of nature, particularly the captivating essence of water and the tranquil allure of the beach. With my unique blend of creativity and love for the natural world, I strive to create magic through my designs.


“Collaborating with Erandi was an absolute pleasure from start to finish because she offers you way more than just a design service.
I enjoyed an entire creative process where she delved deeply into my brand identity to create a logo that was detailed, original and skillfully crafted.
She listened carefully to feedback and I was blown away by her passion and talent with all elements of design.
Best of all she designs right from the heart so she was able to turn my ideas into a true representation of my brand”

“The vibrance of Erandi's heart and soul shine through her colourful creations. Creations that capture the magic of the world around us from her eyes and a passion for design across all mediums.”

“I love working with Erandi, who for the last few years has hand crafted multiple clothing designs and collections for my fashion brand and business Love not Fear Inc. She is professional with incredibly high standards, and has an impeccable eye for detail. It has been a pleasure to work with her .
Her passion, drive and tireless work ethic is a huge asset to anyone working with her.”